Los Cuatro Elementos de Toya

Teatro Xbalamqué This is a place where comedy and live music blend perfectly to create an acoustic, bohemian bar.

Nightclub/Cabaret type of comedy, acoustic live music, singers and concerts are presented in the scenery of Los Cuatro Elementos de Toya, with a homely atmosphere where the audience feels like in the living room of their own home, accompanied by friends and family, enjoying a bohemian night with their favorite drinks and snacks.

Teatro Xbalamqué Teatro Xbalamqué

Shows are presented Thursday to Sunday at 21:00 hours. Comedic show is on Toya de Borge.

We are located on the ground floor, next to the Xbalamque Resort & Spa’s Lobby.

Don’t forget that for being guest of the hotel you enjoy a 10% discount on the total bill.

Reservations: Gina Saldaña
Cel. (998) 204-1028, (998) 147-7322