Ristorante Buonissimo Trattoria

Ristorante Buonissimo Trattoria

Buonissimo Trattoria is a gastronomic spot managed by its owners Chef Pietro Ciaravolo and Federico Cirillo, who have created a wonderful Italian atmosphere...come and discover our delicious Italian cuisine!

At Buonissimo you’ll enjoy a variety of pastas of traditional cuisine from regions like Naples and Rome, such as:

  • Amatriciana
  • Carbonara
  • Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
  • Pasta Frittata
  • Lasagna
  • Gnocchi
  • Bolognese
  • Ribeye steaks in red wine
  • Breaded beef cutlets in white wine or lemon
  • Tiramisu
  • Caprese Cake
  • Ciocolate Salame

The ristorante has 32 seats, with a very pleasant ambiance, fountain and garden, air conditioning and terrace with smoking area.

We have the best ingredients to make our dishes and the kind attention is our presentation card, the attention we all need to receive when we’re away from home. Enjoy a nice evening or night with your friends and family. The best place is Ristorante Buonissimo Trattoria.

For guests of the hotel, we offer a 10% discount in your bill and a dessert (slice of cake).


Federico Postiglione Cirillo, Chef Pietro Ciaravolo

Phone. 01 (998) 280-0662
Cel. (998) 224-3286

Ristorante Buonissimo Trattoria