Enjoy some of the different massage techniques from professionals that mix ancestral knowledge, therapeutic exercises and elements like the heat, cold, light and water to heal and relax under Xbalamque’s care, the protector god in the Maya Cosmology.

Dare to immerse into the Temazcal, a steam bath used by the Mayan culture, fed with traditional medicinal herbs that will relax your body, clean your mind and will allow you to connect with your internal being.

This space is designed for you to find relaxation, harmony and rest, elements for your physical and mental welfare.


Healing Temazcal 30 mins. $150.00

Relaxing steam and medicinal herbs bath accompanied by a delicious hydrating tea.

Ritual of Temazcal (4 people) 2 horas $300.00

The purpose of this ritual is allowing participants to experience direct contact with nature through sounds and meditation that helps to unlock natural creativity and set free emotions, increasing spirituality.


Relaxing 50 mins. $385.00

Excellent to relieve exhaustion and muscular pain induced by daily stress.

Aromatherapy 50 mins. $400.00

Delicate massage with delicious essential oils, excellent combination to attack intense stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Lymphatic Drainage 50 mins. $400.00

Therapeutic massage techniques that stimulate and activate the lymph nodes, in addition to helping reduce cellulitis and improving immunologic defense.

Cupping Therapy 50 mins. $385.00

Chinese cupping therapy consists in hollow glass spheres that produce attraction of the blood to the periphery of the body, inducing an anti-inflammatory and toning up process of parts and vital points.

Sport 50 mins. $450.00

Technique applied for muscular distension. Ideal for athletes before and after doing any physical activity.

Shiatsu 50 mins. $400.00

Technique that combines breathing and stimulation of the different points of tension, making a uniform and relaxing pressure.

Thai Massage 50 mins. $500.00

Therapeutic art form of Ayurvedic tradition that, blended with Yoga, results in a unique therapy, with stretches and yoga postures that allow total relaxation of the body and mind.

Watsu 50 mins. $550.00

Live a new experience and enjoy this aquatic massage, set free your mind and body.


Facial Treatment 50 mins. $385.00
Exfoliating 20 mins. $250.00
Body wrap 60 mins. $450.00
(Sea algae, mud or chocolate)

Gives your skin the necessary nutrients and detox your body. Enjoy chocolate like you never did before!

Reductive treatment (10 sessions)

This is a reductive massage technique that mixes lymphatic drainage and cold bandages.


AURA LECTURE 90 mins. $500.00

Discover your health and energetic harmony through Aura Pictures. A full studio where you can appreciate the shape, color and information stored in your energetic body.

Crystal therapy 50 mins. $450.00

The quartz used possess the capacity to transmit, in an energetic level, a powerful and balancing energy due to the constant harmonic vibration.

Reikí 50 mins. $385.00

Puts the universal vital energy at your reach. The antique Japanese healing art through the hands.

Amethyst Quartz Bed 40 mins. $250.00

Natural and technologic wisdom working side by side to improve your health.


Live a relaxing experience. Because you are the most important person, let yourself be pampered by the experts.

Don’t forget that for being a guest of Xbalamque Hotel you enjoy a 10% off.

We are located next to the pool (Hotel Ext. No. 520)

Spa hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 hours.
Reservations: Diana Jimena Elizondo Solis
Phone: 52 (998) 887-7853