Teatro Xbalamqué The Xbalamque Theater (Independent Theater) is a space open to artistic and cultural expression. It’s a small scale theater-bar that allows direct interaction with the audience, presenting all types of theatrical plays, although we must say our specialty is comedy. We are focused on audiences of all ages, featuring performances for kids, teens and adults.

We offer coffee and bar services, so the audience will enjoy the shows accompanied by a large menu of drinks, coffee and snacks. The theater is distributed in 12 tables with their chairs and features air conditioning. In our terrace-lounge we also have the coffee and bar service, as well as a selection of music of varied genders that you will hardly find in other places.

Teatro Xbalamqué Teatro Xbalamqué

Visit out blog to read more about our productions. The shows are presented from Thursday to Saturday.

Guests of the Xbalamque Hotel enjoy a 20% permanent discount!

We are located on the Xbalamque hotel’s top side of the pool.

Reservations: Gina Saldaña
Cel. (998) 204-1028, (998) 147-7322